Connecting equipment and installing software at MAX IV

Challenging experiments are most welcomed. However they need proper planning. If you want to integrate your equipment with MAX IV systems make sure everything is properly arranged. In most cases your beamline contact is the first person to be informed. Start communicate well on time before the experiment, i.e. at least 2 weeks before the visit in the usuall cases. Your beamline contact can arrange most for you but make sure she/he is getting feedback from the relevant units.



  • Only approved equipment may be connected to the MAX IV Laboratory site network. Users should contact MAX IV IT staff if in doubt. Communicate this on time. Rather more than 2 weeks in advance in this case.


  • You are given freedom to install free software in your home or proposal directories under the condition of accepting risk it can interfere with the beamline workflow.
  • Please note that during the experiment you can use MAX IV computing cluster where the environment is less coupled to the beamline operation. Ask your beamline contact for more instructions (intranet).
  • Your account is generated at least 2 weeks before the planned experiment and you can in principle connect to MAX IV. If you need to prepare a complex analysis environment communicate this with your beamline contact.
  • Commercially licensed software can be installed on MAX IV systems only with an explicit permission of MAX IV IT!
  • If you think your software is useful for more experiments do not hesitate to let know the MAX IV staff.


  • Hardware brought into the facility should be safe. MAX IV decides what is safe according to MAX IV standards.
  • Hardware that needs some kind of connection to MAX IV equipment should be described by schematics so the interconnections can be prepared well in advance of the visit.
  • Equipment that needs to be borrowed for an experiment, e.g. an oscilloscope, should be listed together with a description of the needed performance.