MAX IV policy for re-scheduling of Covid-19 affected beamtime

MAX IV is committed to offer all accepted beamtime proposals a possibility to conduct their experiments even during these difficult times. The MAX IV policy for beamtime and Covid-19 rescheduling policy pdf fund below lays out our general rules for all beamtime affected during the pandemic and is valid until 28 February 2022. It applies backward to all proposals since the beginning of the pandemic. Please contact the user office ()  if you have questions as to how to apply these rules to your specific case. We acknowledge that in the current situation our rules might not cover every case and we are committed to reasonable and flexible solutions which the MAX IV user office will assess on a case by case basis.


Q: Will my beamtime be re-scheduled if I cancel due to Covid-19?

A: Beamtime is eligible for re-scheduling if all of the following requirements are fulfilled:

  1. Main proposer / PI has cancelled the beamtime because:
    • MAX IV has denied users access to MAX IV due to Covid-19, and/or
    • Users have not been able to travel, based on travel restrictions (or strong recommendations)
      imposed by their home institutions due to Covid-19, and/or
    • Users have not been able to travel due to illness, quarantine or school closures in connection
      with Covid-19
  2. No co-proposers from not-affected regions were able to perform the beamtime instead.
  3. After BL staff consulting with users, MAX IV has decided that remote, mail-in, or other virtual access
    is not a reasonable alternative, or such modes have not been offered by MAX IV.
  4. Users have cancelled at least three weeks prior to before the beamtime (based on restrictions at the
    time of cancelling) or new restrictions have been imposed w/o prior notice. (This requirement will
    come into effect 3 weeks after the publication date of this policy).
  5. The eligibility period for re-scheduling has not expired.


Q: How long will my proposal stay valid?

A: Proposals will stay valid for an extended period of time, dependent on the original call deadline date:

CycleProposal submission deadineBeamtime period(Re-)scheduling possible until
VT20September 2019Mar 2020 – Aug 2020July 2021
HT20March 2020Sept 2020 – April 2021Dec 2021
VT21October 2020Mar 2021 – Aug 2021Dec 2021
VT/HT21February 2021May 2021 – Feb 2022Feb 2022
HT21March 2021Sept 2021 – Feb 2022Feb 2022
VT222021-09-01 00:00:00Mar 2022 – Aug 2022Aug 2022

Q: What happens to commissioning expert beamtime?

A: Commissioning expert beamtime is intended to assist the beamline in the commissioning process. If external experts can’t come, the beamline must in many cases choose to proceed with commissioning without external help, and the main purpose with commissioning expert beamtime renders moot. We therefore don’t guarantee rescheduling of commissioning expert beamtime.

Q: Will beamtime be fully compensated (1:1)?

A: When users cancel beamtime, the scheduled beamtime will be removed from the beamline calendar in DUO and all shifts will become available for scheduling again. So, yes, that is the original amount of shifts.