1) Returning User?

Welcome back!
Make sure you have registered all your Experimental Reports, and that you have updated DUO with all relevant Publications.
Please note that chances of getting further beamtime will be negatively affected by failing to comply with the “MAX IV T&C for Open Access and MAX IV User Access Policy“.

2) Check our short tips for writing better proposals

It you haven’t already, take a look at the guide we created containing short and useful information on how to write a better proposal, you’ll find it here.

3) Proposal template

Make sure you use the right proposal template:

Proposal typeDescriptionProposal Template
BAGAvailable in the research area “Structural Biology” for experiments at the BioMAX beamline. Applications accepted in the Fall Cycle calls, with submission deadline in March.
Accepted BAG proposals are valid for four beamtime cycles (two years)
Proposal Template
Commissioning ExpertsMAX IV from time to time welcome the submission of proposals, following special criteria, for scientific experiments that will help in the commissioning of new beamline capabilities. Commissioning Experts Proposal Template
Fast AccessMAX IV offers access on short notice, for a limited amount of shifts, to experiments that require timely access to our facilityFast Access Template
NormalThe standard proposal type available for all beamlines
Normal proposals are valid for one beamtime cycle (6 months)
Proposal Template
Training & EducationUsed for applications related to a university course, a training workshop or other activities benefitting from a training beamtime.Training & Education Template.

4) Multiple beamlines

It is possible to submit a proposal to multiple Beamlines, as long as they are within the same Research Area. Just ‘Ctrl’+ Click when choosing beamline in DUO to multi-select.
Please use this multi-select function when applying for Beamtime & the use of the MAX IV Microscopy support lab.

5) Beamtime calculation

MAX IV operates on four hour shifts, meaning that:

  • 1 Shift = 4 hours
  • 6 Shifts = 1 day
  • 30 shifts = 1 week (A full week = 5 days. Mondays are used for machine maintenance and Tuesdays for beamline maintenance)


Some beamlines do not operate around the clock, but they still use the same calculation. If you are unsure of the beamlines operational hours, please contact the beamline staff.