General information

Per the DanMAX collaboration agreement, Danish users (PI must be affiliated with a Danish University or a Danish company) can get privileged access to the DanMAX beamline.

All submitted proposals are evaluated for feasibility and experimental safety. Subsequently they are passed to the relevant MAX IV PAC. They are also forwarded to the ‘DanMAX Privileged Access Committee’ where a selection is made as to which proposals are to be granted access under the ‘Danish Privileged Access’ program. If selected for Danish Privileged Access the proposal will receive beamtime independently of how it is ranked by the MAX IV PAC. Proposals not selected for Danish Privileged Access may receive beamtime through the MAX IV general user program. The charter describing the selection criteria etc. Danish Privileged Access is negotiated by the DanScatt board.


How to apply for Danish Privileged Access in DUO

All proposal must be submitted through the MAX IV Digital User Office (DUO) system and follow the guidelines and rules for the MAX IV General User Program. Only proposals where ‘Danish Privileged Access’ has been selected are considered for this access mode. You will find the option to apply on the first page (“General”) upon proposal creation:


For further information about the access mode, please contact Mads Ry Jørgensen () or the chairman of the DanScatt Board, Prof. Henning Friis Poulsen.