The Estonian Consortium of Synchrotron Radiation Users

A consortium of Estonian Universities and research organizations has a valid Operation Collaboration Agreement with MAX IV Laboratory. Within the framework of this contract, the Estonian Consortium contributes to the activities of MAX IV Laboratory by providing expertise, support, equipment, personnel and operation funds. In return, MAX IV Laboratory gives the Estonian Consortium the possibility of placing their staff and equipment at the facility, as well as Guaranteed Access Time (GAT). GAT is based on the financial contribution equivalent (staff, equipment, operation funding, investments performed) in the contract and is calculated annually. All beamtime applicants from Estonia (PI must be affiliated with an Estonian university or an Estonian company) are eligible and encouraged to have their beamtime proposals considered for GAT.

All submitted proposals are evaluated for technical feasibility and experimental safety. Subsequently they are passed to the relevant MAX IV Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) where they are scientifically evaluated and ranked.
They are also forwarded to the dedicated Committee of the Estonian Consortium where a selection is made as to which proposals are to be granted access through the GAT made available to the Estonian Consortium during the relevant proposal call period.

If selected for the Estonian GAT allocation, the proposal will receive beamtime independently of how it is ranked by the MAX IV PAC. Proposals not selected for the Estonian GAT allocation may receive beamtime through the MAX IV general user program.


How to apply for the Estonian GAT allocation

All proposal must be submitted through the MAX IV Digital User Office (DUO) system and follow the guidelines and rules for the MAX IV General User Program. Only proposals where the Estonian GAT allocation option has been selected are considered for this access mode. The option to apply directly through DUO will be added for the MAX IV “Spring23” call, in the meantime please contact the MAX IV User Office to apply.



The current members of the Estonian Consortium: University of Tartu (UT, the coordinator of the Estonian Consortium), Tallinn Technical University (TalTech), National Institute of Chemical and Biological Physics (NICBP).
The FinEstBeAMS beamline belongs to the Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap and the Estonian Consortium contributions are presently funded via a dedicated ‘MAX-TEENUS’ project (National research programs and the ERDF funding in Estonia).

For more information, please contact the Estonian Consortium coordinator Marco Kirm.