User organisations

MAX IV Synchrotron Users Association FASM

FASM (Föreningen för Användare av Synkrotronljuset vid MAX IV)) is the Users Association of MAX IV. FASM was established in 1985 as an effective channel between users and the MAX IV management. FASM members are not only active users but also scientists interested in synchrotron light based research.

Swedish Synchrotron User Organisation SSUO

The Swedish Synchrotron Radiation Users Organization (SSUO) is the organisation for all Swedish synchrotron users, at any facility. The primary aim of SSUO is to achieve improved conditions, including financial support, for Swedish researchers to use synchrotron radiation both nationally and internationally. To do this, SSUO interacts with national funding agencies, such as the Swedish Research Council (VR).

European Synchrotron User Organisation ESUO

The European Synchrotron Radiation Users Organization (ESUO) interacts with the European Commission and EU funded networks such as iNEXT, with similar aims. SSUO is the Swedish member of ESUO.