Annual report for ”Föreningen för Användare av Synkrotronljuset vid MAX IV”/”The association for Synchrotron Radiation Users at MAX IV” FASM

The FASM board elected at the annual meeting in March 2017 consists of Ingmar Persson (SLU, Uppsala, chairman), Marcus Agåker (Uppsala University), Susanna Horsefield (Lund University) and Marko Huttula (University of Oulu), Jörgen Larsson (Lund University), Anders Mikkelsen (Lund University), Gunter Schneider (KI) and Jonas Weissenrieder (KTH).

The work in the board has mainly been performed through e-mail correspondence and video conference/Skype meetings, and one face to face meeting at MAX IV.

The 30th annual meeting of “Föreningen för Användare av Synkrotronljuset vid MAX IV, FASM” (The Association for Synchrotron Light Users at MAX IV) took place on March 13, 2017, at City Hall in Lund, in connection with the Annual User Meeting March 13-15, 2017.

The present FASM board was elected for one year to propose new regulations as the beam-line portfolio at MAX IV is significantly different from the former MAX-lab, and to establish good relations to the MAX IV management. The chairman of FASM has been observer at the MAX IV board meetings November 29, 2017, February 6, May 15 and September 4, 2018, and the reported the most important issues to the FASM board.

The MAX IV management invited FASM, Swedish Synchrotron Users Organisation (SSUO) and University reference group (URG) to a meeting at MAX IV on May 5, 2017, to discuss the roles of these organizations within the MAX IV family.

The activity within FASM was low during the fall 2017. The reason was mainly that only a few beam-lines were publicly available. FASM was disappointed with the situation but had few ways to act. FASM was concerned about the malfunctioning sample changer at Bio-MAX as it significantly hampered the productivity of the beam-line.

During 2018 the FASM board has been much more active including working out new regulations for FASM to be presented to the annually open FASM meeting on September 26. The FASM board has also made contacts with the member’s networks to find suitable candidates for the next FASM board, including a new chairman. On March 16 FASM had a board meeting at MAX IV, which included a discussion a discussion with the MAX IV management about the role of FASM at MAX IV as training and education activities at the beam-lines and the organization of the annual user meetings.

For the FASM board

Ingmar Persson/chairman