Mandatory acknowledgement in publications

When publishing any material arising from work carried out at MAX IV, do not forget to acknowledge MAX IV and our funders. This obligation, as laid out in our General Terms and Conditions for Open User Access (STYR 2016/1499) applies to both infrastructure personnel and external users or other researchers. The following acknowledgment statement is to be used in all cases:


“We acknowledge MAX IV Laboratory for time on Beamline [xxxx] under Proposal [xxxx]. Research conducted at MAX IV, a Swedish national user facility, is supported by the Swedish Research council under contract 2018-07152, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems under contract 2018-04969, and Formas under contract 2019-02496”.


Additionally, you are required to give appropriate acknowledgment of individual MAX IV personnel. References for publications related to Experiments carried out at the Facilities must be deposited in the MAX IV publications’ database within three (3) months of the publication date.

Terms and conditions for user access

Open user access (mainly trough open calls and peer review) to MAX IV for users is regulated through below terms and conditions. Proprietary users establish an access contract with the industrial Relations Team. In order to ensure awareness of these terms and conditions for all users, users need to state their compliance in DUO when submitting a proposal or when applying for individual access (physical or remote/mail-in). Here, it is the responsibility of the individual users to ensure prior to entering MAX IV that they are authorized to enter into the Terms and Conditions on behalf of their user institution or procure such authorization. We therefore strongly encourage users to apply for access in DUO as early as possible.


Other policies and guidelines